News: August-September 2013

AHEZ Facebook Business Page Service 

We have created a brand new service that makes it as easy as possible to show off your products, using your Facebook Business Page to build your own Live site. 

Facebook is where you need to be to access the largest Socal Network in the world. 

Upload your images and text with your computer or a cell phone and your AHEZ  website updates instantly. When you want your products on the web site as fast as possible, nothing is faster than your cell phone. 

Keep your Facebook Business Page updated and then you can focus on your Business and not worry about updating another web site. We keep your Live site updated automatically showing what you have on Facebook in a customer friendly way that is intuitive and interactive.

Even if you have a website already, you can still benefit from AHEZ pushing your content to the search engines. Check it out.

It is a very exciting product and we are proud to offer it at an extremely affordable price.


A man who
stops advertising
to save money
is like
a man who

stops a clock
to save time
-- Henry Ford.


Live Site

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